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Signs of Alcoholic Behavior Help Provide Answers

In learning about signs of alcoholism, one should consider two important concepts from the beginning. First, denial is the No. 1 symptom of alcoholism. An alcoholic will make endless excuses and rationalizations about his behavior before finally admitting the reality of a progressive alcoholic pattern. Second, people who are not alcoholic don’t wonder whether they might be alcoholic. Given that vital framework, if one wonders about signs that he or she might be an alcoholic, medical doctors and psychotherapists have devised some checklists. Mayo Clinic’s signs of alcoholism include inability to limit the amount of alcohol consumed, development of tolerance…


Just What is ‘Rock Bottom’?

One does not have to spend much time in recovery circles before hearing the term “hitting rock bottom.” While the words have an easily perceptible connotation, “rock bottom” may mean different things to different people. Certainly, in the earliest days of treatment for addictions, “rock bottom” may have implied the stereotypical town drunk slugging down booze from a bottle in a brown paper bag, or an addict raging and sweating, barely able to hang on until the next fix. While those images still hold true in some cases, “hitting rock bottom” applies to physical, mental and emotional depravity and despair.…


Prayer and Meditation Essential in Recovery

Once a person’s physical health has been restored from the damages of addiction, the need for prayer and meditation to restore spiritual health comes to the forefront. No matter how much alcoholics or drug addicts have tried to drown or strangle the spiritual essence within them, somehow that spark continues to burn, even if diminished. Prayer and meditation provide the fan necessary to ignite that spark into the flame of an energized and fulfilling life. Recovery does not require subscription to any particular religion or belief system, but it does require the humility of accepting the need for recognizing a…


Fresh from the Kitchen

Roasted Bell Peppers Stuffed with Rice, Cheese, Bacon and Cilantro, Tomato Sauce and Green Salad Crisp red bell peppers stuffed with steamed rice, cheddar cheese, sauteed bacon and fresh cilantro roasted until tender, served with house made garlic tomato sauce. Fresh green salad is always available. FYI: Tomato is full of lycopene, a cancer fighting agent  


Keep it Simple in Prayer and Meditation

The very words “prayer and meditation” may perplex even the most devout individuals, let alone those who have had little or no exposure to spiritual practice. The words may bring up unpleasant experiences or feelings of disappointment if prayers seemingly went unanswered. On the other hand, the words may bring about memories of serene moments and personal peace. Fortunately, in terms of recovery from addiction, one can personalize his prayer and meditation practices. At the same time, it is important to accept the fact that addictions affect one’s physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Just as the physical body needs exercise…