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New Start Detox can help foster the health, happiness, longevity, self-reliance and responsible behavior of those individuals as we help them recover from substance abuse and benefit our community. When you are looking for help to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, New Start Detox can provide you with the answer you are seeking. We give you the chance to enjoy a new beginning after you recover from drug or alcohol addiction.


The potential for overdose is higher with opiates than with any other drug, in any form. Stop gambling with your life and your future. Make the call that will save your life today; speak with our intake specialists now.


Alcoholism can be just as severe as an addiction to heroin and the detox symptoms can be just as dangerous, don’t face it alone. Detox for the last time with our safe, medically managed alcohol detox program.


Physical dependence on sedatives and pain medication happens rapidly and often within the first month of use. Make the call, speak with our intake specialists today, and start living the life you were meant to live.

Getting a New Start with Orange County Detox

Making major life changes can be both daunting and rewarding. If potentially harboring the desire to get sober, it’s likely you’ve tried to quit, but discomfort and withdrawal symptoms set in. The prospect of changing habits of substance abuse can be particularly discouraging for this reason; it can seem impossible and can be dangerous to attempt to withdraw from drugs or alcohol alone. However, with the right treatment and care, change is possible. New Start Detox is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort essential in transitioning through the detoxification process. It’s not abnormal to feel conflicted about giving up substance use, even when recognizing its causing problems in your life. If you have made a commitment to change substance abuse habits and behaviors and you have chosen to quit, taking the personal time necessary to step away from routine and focus on personal health and well-being, New Start Detox is available to offer you the highest quality of care available.

Why a Drug Detox Center?

The first step in changing the nature of addictive behavior is recognizing that help is needed to detox from substance abuse. Chemical dependency like alcoholism is defined as a chronic disease and like many chronic diseases, if left untreated it will have serious, life-threatening consequences. Once chemically dependent, ceasing the use of drugs or alcohol will cause potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms, so asking for help with detox from drugs or alcohol is an important first step in a life-changing movement. We maintain a closely monitored, structured but relaxing environment. Our licensed professionals are capable and well experienced with helping individuals suffering from addictions such as alcohol, prescription drugs, painkillers, methamphetamine, cocaine and opiates. Detoxification can typically be completed within a week, depending on particular substance use and individual needs. New Start is here to facilitate the process of detoxing as well as placement with long term residential care best suited to clients’ needs. The primary goal of a drug detox center is to help you safely remove drugs or alcohol from the body while managing symptoms of craving and withdrawal symptoms. The achievement of this first step will build a foundation of strength and confidence necessary to promote a successful transition in recovery.

The Commitment of New Start Detox

At New Start Detox we provide a thorough and individualized program tailored to meet your needs and help you recover from addiction. Our goal is to assist and support you through detox and as you work through an individualized treatment plan. If you’re coming to New Start you can be assured you will find the tools which lead to a new life in sobriety. Our facility has two beautiful living rooms, new Tempurpedic beds and an on-site chef who coordinates nutritious meals. Recovery is not limited to simply detoxing the body and brain from chemical dependence, it’s equally as important to identify and evaluate the reasons substance abuse was sought as a coping mechanism. New Start offers one on one therapy as well as a variety of group sessions available to our clients. This counseling as well as support from loved ones and friends made in recovery will establish a firm grounding in understanding the nature of addiction, triggers, and the development of positive coping skills. In addition to these services we provide our clients with the opportunity for structured and healing activities such as morning meditation, ti- Chi, Yoga, acupuncture, beach meditation and attendance at community 12 step meetings, which can be participated with if desired. Also available is our Executive Track Program, which allows the busy professional to continue working while completing detox. Our goal is exceeding a high quality of care with serene and comfortable housing and every opportunity possible to promote a strong foundation on which to build a new and sober life.

Thank you for getting me through this week! You all treated me with respect and love. I felt safe in 'a New Start.' I will never forget you all and will always remember my 'Paris' room! You are all part of my recovery!

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